The Myanmar-Institut was founded on December 10, 2016. Its goal is to connect German-speaking academics involved with Myanmar (as well as others interested in the country) and to facilitate the exchange between them. Furthermore, it aims to promote interdisciplinary research, the study of the Burmese language as well as an exchange with the international scientific network and with Burmese scientific institutions. The Myanmar-Institut acts as a contact for questions related to Myanmar.

In order to facilitate exchange, a yearly conference will be held in changing locations. This conference is considered a successor of Wimya (“Wissenschaftsforum Myanmar”, Scientific Forum Myanmar) which was founded in 2012 and developed into a yearly conference which was held in Halle in 2014, in Zurich in 2015 and in Berlin in 2016.


The Myanmar Study Group, which was founded in Berlin in 2014, has now become a sub-group of the Myanmar-Institut. Academics of the Myanmar Forschende der Universität Zürich meet weekly.


The official Myanmar-Institut newsletter ist launched in November 2017. Informations on events, conferences, publication etc. are distributed via a mailing list. In order to sign up, please e-mail But – it’s in German…