Mia Kruska, 1. Chair

MA Modern South- and Southeastasian Studies, HU Berlin
Asia Division, Heinrich-Böll Stiftung

mia.kruska [at]

Focus: Myanmar and Thailand, history of Shan states and Shan military, Thai-Myanmar border region, federation

Benedict Mette-Starke, 2. Chair

PhD Candidate, University of Konstanz

benedict.mette-starke [at]

Digital Rights, activism, infrastructure, anthropology of ethics, material culture studies, media, political anthropology, anthropology of techniques and technology, anthropological research, Myanmar, Southeast Asia, Europe

Georg Winterberger, Treasurer

Anthropologist, University of Zurich, ISEK – Sozial und Kulturanthropologie

georg.winterberger [at]
georg.winterberger [at]

Economic Anthropology, Medical Anthropology, Anthropology of Law, Anthropology of Religion, Burmese Studies, Myanmar, Southeast Asia, West Africa

Dr. Jella Fink

Anthropologist, Länderkoordinatorin Myanmar Weltfriedensdienst e.V.

jellafink [at]

Material Culture, Media Anthropology, Weaving, Cultural Heritage, Mobile Technologies, Transnationalism, Gender, Myanmar

Felix Hessler

Religious Studies Scholar

felix.hessler [at]

Peace Education, Buddhism in Myanmar, Socially Engaged Buddhism, Religion and Conflict, Theatre of the Oppressed

Samia Akhter-Khan

Psychologist, PhD candidate
King’s College London

Samia.akhter-khan [at]

Loneliness, global mental health, aging


Esther Tenberg

PhD Candidate, MF Norwegian School for Theology, Religion and Society

esther.tenberg [at]

Buddhismu, Gender, Islamophoba, Social Media, Communication

Diana Tobias

MA Modern South- and Southeast Asian Studies, Humboldt-University of Berlin, BA Popular Music and Media, Uni Paderborn

diana.tobias [at]

Burmese Motion Picture, Cultural work, Media, Music

Johanna Neumann

PhD Student Southeast Asian Studies, Humboldt-University of Berlin

johanna.neumann [at]

Zat Pwe (performance art, theatre), Contemporary art (painting), Nationalism and Nation-Building, History Textbooks (as used in school)

Rainer Einzenberger

University Assistant (prae doc), University of Vienna

einzenberger [at]

Development studies (focus on political science), Politics of Southeast Asia (focus on Myanmar and Thailand), Land and resource politics, Critical geography, Indigenous movements

Dr. Uta Gärtner

Specialist in Myanmar Studies, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

uta.thanthan [at]

Myanmar language, area studies

Judith Beyer

Social Anthropologist, University of Konstanz

judith.beyer [at]

Political and legal anthropology (state, community, ethnicity, authority, property)

Michael Lidauer

Social and Cultural Anthropologist

michael.lidauer [at]

Elections and Democratisation, Peace and Conflict, Peace Process, Peacebuilding, Civil Society, international support mechanisms

Cordula Meyer Mahnkopf

Contemporary Historian, Ph. D., FU Berlin, Germany

mc [at]

International Relations, Political Economy, Contemporary History

Tristan Hinkel

Subject specialist for Southeast Asia, Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin
MA South- and Southeast Asia Studies, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

tristan_hinkel [at]

Myanmar Language and Linguistics, Myanmar Music, Pop Culture, Media

Jennyfer Hake

Instructor for foreign languages/Translator

jennyfer.hake [at]

German, English as a foreign language, Intercultural Training

Mandy Fox

Journalist and Lecturer and researcher at the Chair of Southeast Asian StudiesUniversity of Passau

kontakt [at]

Ethnic and religious conflicts in Southeast Asia and Myanmar, particularly in connection with the group of Rohingya, migration research, nation-building processes, community media in countries of transition, media and press freedom

Dr. Georg Noack

Curator, Dept. South and Southeast Asia, Linden-Museum Stuttgart

noack [at]

Art, Material Culture, Literature, Beliefs; Bamar, Karen, Kayah

Gunnar Peters

Burmese language teacher, translator, Freelancer

info [at]

Myanmar language, dictionary work, Shan

Friedlind Riedel

Music Studies, Anthropology, Bauhaus-University Weimar

friedlind.riedel [at]

Nat Pwe, Zat Pwe, Performing Arts in Myanmar, Gender and Cultural Techniques of Transformation, Cultural history of music and sound in Southeast Asia, Philosophy of Feelings, Philosophical Anthropology

Dr. Sina Hardaker

Academic Councilor and Postdoc Researcher, Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg

sina.hardaker [at]

Economic Geography, Retail Research, Retail / Assessments, Social Geography, China, Southeast Asia (especially Myanmar), USA, Special Economic Zones

Wolfgang Heinze

Project Leader Philippinen
Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom

Wolfgang.Heinze [at]

Democracy, Human Rights and Economic Freedom, Kachin, International Relations

Prof. Dr. Tobias Cremer

Forest Scientist, Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development

Tobias.Cremer [at]

Sustainable Forestry, Agroforestry Systems, Short Rotation Coppice Plantation, Hydrothermal Carbonization, Water hyacinth

Carolin Hirsch

Sociologist, PhD student, University of Konstanz

Carolin.hirsch [at]

Cultural Sociology, Political Anthropology, Anthropology of Food, Anthropology of Activism

Hans-Bernd Zöllner

Theologian; freelance researcher on South-East Asia, University of Bonn (affiliated)

habezett [at]

Burmese-German relations, political and economic history of Myanmar, Theravada Buddhism and society

Christiane Voßemer

PhD Candidate Sociology of Development, Vienna University

Christiane.vossemer [at]

Border Studies, Migration, Health and Development

Laura Hornig

Social Anthropologist, PhD candidate, Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology

hornig [at]

Borderlands and migration, informal economic strategies in households and small businesses

Martin Hoeck

CEO and analyst Hoeck International UG

info [at]

Election observation, diplomacy, business consultancyocial research

Dr. Felix Wilhelm Siebert

Postdoctoral researcher
Friedrich Schiller University Jena

felix.siebert [at]

Traffic psychology

Steffen Schödwell

Psychologist & Psychotherapist in training
Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Psychoanalyse und Psychotherapie (apb) e.V.

Steffen_schoedwell [at]

Clinical Psychology, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Transcultural Psychotherapy & Psychiatry

Dr. Felix Girke

Social/Cultural Anthropologist, HTWG Konstanz

felix.girke [at]

Cultural Heritage, Ethnicity, Tourism, Political History, Urban Development, Memory

Renate Verspohl

Teacher, Managing Director of Burma Projekt Berlin e. V

Mr.verspohl [at]

Education and Health Projects in Myanmar

Nicole Häusler

Social Anthropologist; Responsible Tourism Consultant; Organisational Development Consultant
Myanmar Responsible Tourism Institute, University of Sustainable Development Eberswalde

Nhaeusler.consult [at]

Tourism Governance, Community Involvement in Tourism, Tourism and Peace

Tobias Esche

M.A. Southeast Asian Studies & Political Science
Humboldt University Berlin & University of Potsdam
Newsletter Editor, Myanmar-Institut e.V.


Tourism, travel book author; research in the Political Archive of the Foreign Office on General Ne Win & on Myanmar and the two German states.

Sandra Portenschlager

Project coordinator, Anawati award for innovation
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

sandra_portenschlager [at]

Muslim–Christian dialogue in Germany, heritage and tourism in Southeast Asia

Benjamin Gollasch

PhD student, University of Hamburg

benjamin_gollasch [at]

Colonial history, imperial biographies, provenance research on colonial collections in ethnological museumscial research

Thet Aung Naing

Film Translator (Burmese and German)
B.A. (German), Mandalay University of Foreign Languages

kratos.kratos1993 [at]

Kei Namba

Independent Consultant, Political Scientist
PhD, Free University of Berlin

nambakei [at]

Colonial history, imperial biographies, provenance research on colonial collections in ethnological museumsive social research

Lena Zimmer

Evaluation and Programme Specialist, Social and Cultural Anthropologist, M.A. Humanitarian Affairs
European Commission

lena [at]

Crisis-management and peace building, migration and refugees, children, ethnic minorities, gender equality, monitoring & evaluation

Felix Haas

Managing Director
Progress Asia Consulting Co., Ltd. (Myanmar)

felix.haas [at]

Private sector development, Macroeconomic developments, Peace, conflicts and political economy, International Relations of Myanmarh

Lukas K. B. Nagel

Asian Studies & Peace and Conflict Consultant
M.A. Asian Studies (Lund University, Sweden)
B.A. Chinese/ East Asian Studies (Free University, Germany)

klukacad [at]

Youth activism in Myanmar, Interethnic relations, Kachin State, non-violent resistance, Identity Politics, Conflict Transformation

Ohnmar Khin

Student, B.A.
University Bonn


Feminismus, Worker’s Rights, Garment sector, Burmese women Migrants in Germany