We are a community of Myanmar-focused researchers based primarily in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. To foster academic exchange we founded the Myanmar-Institut e.V. in December 2016.

Many of our members live in Berlin, so that monthly meetings are one of our central activities here. We meet other institutional actors like foundations and NGOs active in Myanmar or come together to discuss the latest research progress of one of our members.  To foster exchange and the advancement of Myanmar Studies we also organize an annual conference since three years, which draws a constantly increasing number of participants.

At the moment, our association counts 44 active members from a wide array of scientific disciplines, such as geography, area studies, linguistics, political science and cultural anthropology. Feel free to browse the list of members to learn more about individual expertise and field of research.

This website is still work in progress but be assured that we will continuously add up-to-date information.

We also welcome your input, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

Myanmar-Institut General Meeting

The General Meeting 2020 of the Myanmar Institute e. V. will take place on Monday, October 5, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. at the Linden-Museum Stuttgart, Hegelpl. 1, 70174 Stuttgart. Afterwards there will be a small reception for the members of the association. Please register for the general meeting with an informal mail to info@myanmar-institut.org so that we can arrange everything necessary. The possibility of digital attendance is currently being discussed.

Myanmar Conference 2020

This year’s conference, entitled Myanmar Conference 2020: Minorities in Myanmar, will be held at the Lindenmuseum Stuttgart. Please make a note of the days 5-7 October 2020. The

The conference will have a focus on the topic „Minorities in Myanmar“ and especially invites papers relating to ethnic, religious, political, cultural or social minorities (for example, Kachins, Muslims, punks, ccommunists, LGBTIQ people, artist communities… to name but a few examples) their situation, identities, traditions, practices, strategies and politics as well as related topics, such as Myanmar ways of accommodating – or not accommodating – pluralism, the peace process and NCA negotiations, intercommunal conflicts and dynamics, minorities in the educational system and its curricula, the controversial „laws for the protection of race and religion“ and much more.

This time there will be a conference fee of 25,00€, which has to be paid on site at registration. For Earlybirds who register with Georg Noack (noack@lindenmuseum.de) by August 1, 2020, the conference fee is 20,00€. For members of the Myanmar-Institut the conference fee is 15,00€. In order to ensure planning security, we kindly ask you to register early.

Dr. Georg Noack
Senior Curator South and Southeast Asia Linden-Museum Stuttgart, Germany
Email: noack@lindenmuseum.de