We are a community of Myanmar-focused researchers based primarily in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. To foster academic exchange we founded the Myanmar-Institut e.V. in December 2016.

Many of our members live in Berlin, so that monthly meetings are one of our central activities here. We meet other institutional actors like foundations and NGOs active in Myanmar or come together to discuss the latest research progress of one of our members.  To foster exchange and the advancement of Myanmar Studies we also organize an annual conference since three years, which draws a constantly increasing number of participants.

At the moment, our association counts 44 active members from a wide array of scientific disciplines, such as geography, area studies, linguistics, political science and cultural anthropology. Feel free to browse the list of members to learn more about individual expertise and field of research.

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Myanmar Konferenz 2021

Interdisciplinary Myanmar Conference Krakow
Myanmar’s Transition – from Where to Where?
25. – 27. May 2021

2021 marks ten years since Myanmar initiated reforms which seem under question now, following the recent coup. In 2011 a process of transferring power to a nominally civilian government began, to the surprise of many observers. After the remarkable win of the 2015 elections, the NLD took over the government. Nonetheless, times remained tumultuous for Myanmar and within the shortness of the past ten years, it turned from pariah to darling of the international community – only to be condemned again for its atrocities against one of the minorities, the Rohingya. Now, after the recent coup the transition is in serious danger.

The term “transition” is frequently used in this context and refers to a very ambiguous process. As the title of the conference indicates, neither the genesis nor the outcomes of the complex and fascinating recent period of Myanmar’s history can be clearly defined.

The Jagiellonian University of Krakow invites scholars from all fields of Myanmar studies to present their research, and to share their knowledge and expertise in discussions about various aspects of Myanmar’s transformation. This year’s conference will be particularly unique and interesting. Following conferences organized by the Myanmar Institute in Bonn, Zürich, Konstanz, Passau and Stuttgart in the continuity of the conferences in Zürich and Berlin, this will be the first conference beyond the German-speaking countries at a very special place: The Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland. Founded in 1364, it is one of the oldest universities in Europe.

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The conference will take place on the digital platforms Zoom and Wonder.me. You will receive the links after registration.